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[The American Spectator and AmSpecBlog] Real vice offers big value in the ruins of an all-too-virtual economy. Gone are the days when you can work your way to the top so long as you keep your nose clean.

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[The American Spectator and AmSpecBlog] The American Spectator : Steele Drums: Besides, how can you diss West Virginia with such paragons of liberal values as David Rockefeller and Robert Byrd as that great state's senators? Or haven't several decades in office been enough for them to create Utopia in the hinterlands?

[Free Canuckistan!] Steynian 335 « Free Canuckistan!: ~ YOUTH BRING ENERGY, CHOICES, AND CHANGE to life, and young men and women are potential world-changers. In the West, we forget that many great men and women of the past were youngish people when making their careers and sometimes radical choices;

[The American Spectator and AmSpecBlog] The American Spectator : Knitting the Defeat of Capitalism: Yes, woe be unto the greedy corporate biggie whose life of luxury comes at the expense of his shareholders. But, when an ex-public servant uses the influence granted him by his constituents to amass wealth and then avoids paying taxes on his hired cars and drivers, the message is unmistakable: Let them eat cake!

[ - Exposing Liberal Media Bias] Clinton Calls Vanity Fair Writer 'Sleazy' 'Slimy' 'Scumbag ...: "The Warroom") seems to have nailed it when he thought that if the MSM could go where they wanted to with someone other then the Clintons, they would throw them under the bus. The Clintons were never very nice to the MSM, despite their covering for them for the last 15 years, &

[] GOP Launching Smear Tactics Perfected During Clinton Years on ...: The official history of what happened during Bill Clinton's difficult first two years -- which ended in a sweeping Republican congressional victory in 1994 -- focuses on the GOP's united resistance to his economic plan and Hillary Clinton's failed health care reform. But there was a darker side to the political damage inflicted on the early Clinton administration.

[The American Spectator and AmSpecBlog] The American Spectator : Chicago Tugs on Obama's Sleeve: (4) Finally, Philips couldn't resist playing again the Rezko and Wright cards for old time sake, even if he had to qualify this with the following: "Thus far, most of Obama's top appointments have not come from the world of Chicago politics, but there are prominent exceptions, including Axelrod, Emanuel, and Valerie Jarrett, who worked for Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and will serve as a senior adviser in the Obama White House." Okay, but it appears that Emanuel may have been instrumental in bringing Governor Blagojevich down.

[Free Canuckistan!] Steynian 323 « Free Canuckistan!: That way, the whole messy Steyn debacle need never have occurred: the New HRC Press Tribunal would have fined and officially censured MacLeans, and forced them to let Mohamed Elmasry use their magazine for his propaganda, cuz, you know, it’s all unfair that nobody gave him a big fancy popular magazine to further his vile anti-semitic soft-jihadery. So much better!

[TreeHugger] Buildings Owned By Union Collapse While LIUNA President Calls For ...: Activists, including local lawyers, architects, historians and citizens are working hard to preserve our heritage here in Hamilton. As the nearest city outside the suburban sprawl of Toronto Hamilton is quickly gentrifying and scumbags like LIUNA have been sitting on these properties waiting for this.

[The Melanie Phillips Blog] Freedom now stands alone | The Spectator: Phil writes: You have brought to mind a sign I saw some while ago in a friends kitchen it said "encyclopaedia Britannica for sale half price ef--n wife knows everything"you are obviously very young and maybe you mean well,but take a little advice from someone older and more experienced than you could possibly be -do not believe all you read in newspapers ,blogs or from professors you might have a crush on -remember well to listen to the other side of the story and do not assume that with your superior knowledge the vast majority are wrong -they usually are not –

[Comments for] » Blog Archive » Is a global role for Gord ...: Brown has made and continues to make some pretty awful decisions and it’s almost certainly best for the UK if he is ousted sooner rather than later, but I don’t think anyone believes that the economy will do anything other than get worse and therefore the motivation to get Brown out now is weak (politically). Brown himself is unlikely to step down because he seems to believe his own hype whilst at the same time defending every decision he has ever made as the correct one.

[POLITICO Top Stories] Ben Smith's Blog: MoveOn hits Cornyn on missed vote - You can be sure that a majority of people in Travis County support President Obama, and are in agreement with MoveOn's efforts! We are also hopeful that one day the rest of Texas will catch up with us, and shake off its tired, old redneck ways.

[Marc Cooper] Marc Cooper » Blog Archive » White Roots: The scumbags over there are not interested in political discourse. If you think otherwise you might want to check out Oreilly ìnterview`or jeremy glick or his censorship of sam husseini (`cut his mic`) Amy goodman has never dome that to AIPAC folks or DLC hustlers.

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