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[The American Spectator and AmSpecBlog] Of course, the next argument Marcel come back with is the banks made these loans and now they're getting "free" money from TARP and how they aren't helping these idiots stay in their homes...I can't defend TARP, I think it was one big cluster f&%^ and the banks that made these idiot loans should have been allowed to go scrap heap of history; however, it isn't free money.

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[NOTCOT] NOTCOT Giveaway 17: Seagate FreeAgent Desk 1TB (NOTCOT): why see any of THESE things when you could experience for yourself the glamour and history the Don-Q-Inn has to offer with a gigantic dilapidated Boeing 377 parked out front, why is it historical must see you ask? Well, once in the 1970’s Farrah Fassett graced Dville (as the locals call it) and risked her life climbing into the plane for a photo opportunitiy.

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[Nouriel Roubini's Global EconoMonitor] RGE - It Is Time to Nationalize Insolvent Banking Systems: A year ago I predicted that losses by US financial institutions would be at least $1 trillion and possibly as high as $2 trillion. At that time the consensus such estimates as being grossly exaggerated as the naïve optimists had in mind about $200 billion of expected subprime mortgage losses.

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