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[The Energy Collective - The world's best thinkers on energy & climate] Following on from (1) there was some discussion on the potential role for CCS in the UK energy system. Mr Letwin reaffirmed the need for the government to support a large scale demonstration of the technology and that the proposed government injection of £1 billion was both justified and modest given the scale of the low carbon energy option that it had the potential to deliver, particularly given the remaining fossil fuel production potential of the UK.

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[The Share Centre Blog] Bull and bear: Quarterly accounting: boon or curse?: But perhaps of more significance were these words uttered by Mr Wen: “Expanding domestic demand particularly consumer demand which is essential to ensuring China’s long-term, steady, and robust economic development is the focus of our economic work this year.”

[Tumfweko] Over Dependency On Mining Has Adversely Affected Zambia's ...: A typical UK call centre employee takes home about £1000/month,it would therefore be reasonable to expect a Zambian to fetch£300*8000=K2.4m. Also observe 1 UK employee = 2 Zedians,with the remaining £400 going on all sorts of regular training:customer service,computer system,industry knowledge,region familiarisation etc…

[Craig Eisele on .....] Global Markets Show Concern Over China's Lowered Growth ...: However, some relief was provided when the Institute of International Finance, the group representing private creditors in talks with Greece, said a dozen banks, insurers and investment funds holding Greece’s bonds will participate in the swap. Greece needs a sizable majority of creditors accepting the bond swap or else it faces defaulting on its debts, which could trigger turmoil in financial markets.

[Business Teacher] Recession: UAE is the world's biggest oil producing and exporting region is clearly suffering from the global problems that put brake on a regional financial boom which is also supported by 6 years of high oil prices. Sultan Nasser al-Suweidi, the governor of the central bank, in a meeting near Fujairah said "The deceleration will be forced on us...contractions will be seen in everything, but I think that we will continue to grow in each and every direction in a pleasant way." This views matches with that of Emaar Properties' chairman Mr.

[hotels for the olympics] London 2012 Olympics: 'I want to look back and be proud of my ...: Unsurprisingly, Mr Hunt is passionately keen to promote a scheme, to be officially launched this week, that offers substantial discounts to people who book holidays that are taken in Britain before the end of 2012. Already, some two million “hotel nights” are part of the scheme, as well as other visitor attractions .

[Task Force on Financial Integrity and Economic Development] Tax haven secrecy is a global curse, Christian Aid urges Ed ...: ”˜It’s great that Mr Miliband has recognised that tax haven secrecy is damaging people in the UK, by providing a cover for people and companies to hide their wealth and avoid paying the taxes that are so urgently needed,’ said Dr David McNair, Christian Aid’s Principal Adviser on Economic Justice.

[John Redwood's Diary] How radical should this government be?: Many Ministers are discovering that they cannot do what they wish to do in the UK, owing to the stranglehold EU law, the ECJ and the ECHR now has in so many areas. The frustrations the EU are causing are tipping more Conservatives into considering pulling out altogether.

[Nigeria News| Politics |Economy| Society] Read more... - Nigeria News| Politics |Economy| Society: The story of how James Ibori went from convicted thief in London in the 1990s, to become governor of a wealthy oil-producing Nigerian state and then to a British prison is a remarkable one. It is the story of a wily political operator, backing the right political horses and shifting allegiances when expedient.

[John Redwood's Diary] The veto was a veto: I respond, the hegemony of the US, and the UK and EU, will fail, and in its place regional global governance will rise to rule he world’s ten regions, thus forming the ten toed kingdom of regional global governance, as called for by the 300 elite of the Club of Rome in 1974, and as called for by Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy in their August 2011 Joint Comminique for a “true European economic government”. Sovereign debt unsustainability is ushering in the age of regional global governance and the diktat monetary system, to replace democracy and the fiat monetary system.

[Craig Eisele on .....] War With Iran Will Damage the Global Economy « Craig Eisele on …..: THE threat of an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities has pushed world oil prices up by 15 per cent in the past month and raised fears that the fissile geopolitics of the Middle East might once again spell global economic havoc.

[Left Foot Forward] Week Outside Westminster: Week Outside ... - Left Foot Forward: There is talk of devolving policing to Wales (it has happened in Scotland and Northern Ireland), and Wales’s first minister Carwyn Jones favours some sort of distinctive Welsh legal system. Mr Jones spoke yesterday of the future prospect of a looser UK with multiple centres of accountability.

[Guy Fawkes' blog] Baldwin's Nose Worries - Guy Fawkes' blog: Ed tried the old Cameron trick of no notes and no podium for his manufacturing speech today. Opening with some cracks about where he came in the Sky News totty trumps rankings, he tried to pretend he didn’t mind jibes about his looks. It would have worked better if he hadn’t been sporting yet another variation on his seemingly un-controllable pillow-hair. Geeky Ed is dressing a lot better these days.

[The 6th Floor] London Calling - The 6th Floor Blog - New York Times: Chesham Square was at least sixty yards away, and Mr Verloc, cosmopolitan enough not to be deceived by London’s topographical mysteries, held on steadily, without a sign of surprise or indignation. At last, with business-like persistency, he reached the Square, and made diagonally for the number 10.

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