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[KOSU Radio] And most economists are applauding, saying Congress should pass the measure to stimulate growth, even though many indicators already are pointing up. Recent data show job creation is accelerating, retail sales are improving and even housing is perking up a bit.

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[Texas on the Potomac] Calls for 'self-deporation' of illegal immigrants win applause at ...: The Conservative Political Action Conference didn't leave any hot topic off its schedule, and on Saturday immigration topped the .

[Seattle PI Sports Blog] Seattle unveils proposal for new NBA, NHL arena and teams in ...: SuperSonics fans, from left, Ryan Johnson, 17 Camerson Dooley, 18, Connor Olson, 16, and RJ Ellingsworth, 15, talk after an announcement about a potential new NBA and NHL arena by Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and King County Executive Dow Constantine on Thursday February 16, 2012 at Seattle City Hall. A possible deal on the new arena for an NBA team and NHL team was announced at the event.

[CFA and MBA caes, exams and tips] What is mba-Wang Hansheng half of the advertising budget is spent ...: innovation and entrepreneurship with economies in transition “, Peking University Guanghua School of apply for the College to teach / cubic meter, Beijing Boya Technology Co., Ltd. Chief Scientist Wang Hansheng teachers and teachers think that in a mature market, the whole invested in advertising on the Internet than to care about the words as 100%, someone will be very accurate in the sub-forum think about 50% of the advertising budget is devoted to the search engine, it was high a little, it was low a little, this is the biggest one.

[America Speaks Ink] Pelosi endorsement of gay marriage plank raises stakes for ...: Freedom to Marry said it reflected a realization that a majority of Democrats and independents supported gay marriage, and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) said it would testify at platform hearings, as it has done at the last four conventions, in favor of adding it to the platform.

[ Headlines: Opinion] Payroll tax deadline approaches — again | To the surprise of no one, negotiators in Congress are exactly where they were last December when the tax break was extended two months — gridlocked. Just as the economy is perking up and unemployment is going down, working people would see their paychecks lightened by $1000 or more for the remainder of the year.

[Broward Tea Party] Broward Tea Party - — Get a Free Blog Here: Professor Gershman handled group dissent to his progressive premises with great tact and patience. Members showed great knowledge of “all things”  constitutional in their responses.  Professor Gershman received rousing applause for willing to debate the “progressive”

[The Observation Deck] Dysfunction, U.S.A. - The Observation Deck - ...: Lawmakers from his party applaud on cue, often rising and cheering as exuberantly as a congregation under a faith healer’s spell. And the stone-faced opposition mostly sits on its hands, as if every idea the President offers heralds the end of the Republic.

[The Common Ills] Iraq snapshot « The Common Ills: The VA budget calls for "$1.352 billion for programs that will prevent and treat Veteran homelessness" (Shinseki's written statement) and I'm fine with noting that figure but, repeating, if VA is saying that the number of homeless veterans is decreasing and US House Rep Roe is telling us -- without any dispute from Shinseki or anyone from the VA on the panel -- that homeless people are being turned away when beds are available, that they're not being given vouchers, then I think the VA needs to clarify how they're collecting their numbers. I'll also note that Shinseki's defined as "VA's goal" for 2013 "to serve 32,000 homeless veterans." 

[The Economic Collapse] 20 Things We Can Learn About The Future Of America From The ...: And every one is scare to do any thing not even call the police until I came out the restaurant and see my stuff is dropping every where on the parking lots at the shopping center with a lots of people always walking by. MichaelR .

[Katz Porch] “Palin Shines Brightest At CPAC Conference” *Updated* « Katz Porch: No, she had to stop talking at some points because of the applause. And her warmth, her enthusiasm, her camaraderie, and her sense of humor all came through in the duration of the speech.

[Real-World Economics Review Blog] Reverberations between immoderate land-price cycles and banking ...: 6.    The obvious link between FMP and real estate is the quality of credit.  Hoyt emphasized how subprime (which he called “shoestring”) financing had waxed in the boom phase of every one of the 5 major land cycles he documented in detail from 1833 to 1933. The commercial loan school of banking, dominant in the Progressive Era, helped save us from a crash that was due in or near 1911, following the 18-year cycle from 1893.  In the roaring 1920s such old fashioned caution was cast aside, and deposit expansion was again used freely to pump up land and stock prices.  These reverberated with deposit expansion, in the manner to be shown, leading to The Great Real Estate Crash starting from 1926, followed by the stock crash of 1929.

[UW Oshkosh Today] UW Oshkosh Today » Blog Archive » Chancellor Wells part of White ...: Beyond its three-pronged outlay of incentives, the president’s proposal also calls for creation of a new “College Scorecard” for all institutions, “making it easier for students and families to choose a college that is best suited to their needs, priced affordably and consistent with their career and educational goals,” according to the White House’s Blueprint fact sheet.

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