> Build It, and They Will Stay Home

[Economist's View] But doing all we can to encourage investment in poor countries is the best way to solve the wealth gap and associated problems in the long-run, and that may mean accepting US companies outsourcing or moving to poorer countries during the transition period, and allowing more immigrants from those countries to come here and work. But by whatever means, economic development in poorer countries is the key to resolving many of the difficult problems we face and the only way to achieve a lasting solution.

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Scienceblog.com [] Science Blog -- GENERAL ASSEMBLY ADOPTS PROTOCOL TO WOMEN’S RIGHTS ...: SAMER ANTON NABER (Jordan) said he hoped results would be achieved that would support the goals of employment and poverty eradication, the creation of an enabling environment, social integration and the provision of education and health care. There was a need for further initiatives to honour undertakings pledged at Copenhagen.

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