> A Minimum Wage or a Free Economy?

[The Libertarian Alliance: BLOG] The Conservative and Liberal Democrat halves of our ruling coalition government are engaged in a debate over employment legislation, with some Conservatives calling for less regulation of employment and also for smaller companies to be exempt from minimum-wage legislation. Libertarians oppose state regulation, although I think it would be fair to say that libertarians are seeking a more holistic, workable approach than simply deleting minimum-wage laws.

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[The American Spectator and The Spectacle Blog] The American Spectator : Con-fusion: Perhaps hoping to attract angry emails, Santorum once declared,"I am not a libertarian, and I fight very strongly againstlibertarian influence within the Republican Party and theconservative movement." This is reminiscent of Huckabee complainingabout the libertarian influence at the Conservative PoliticalAction Conference. "CPAC has been becoming increasingly morelibertarian and less Republican over the last few years, one of thereasons I didn't go this year," he said in 2010.

[The Daily Maverick] Daily Maverick :: Why do 16 million people not constitute an economy?: Let’s leave aside that many respondents might simply have said what they believed to be right, but in reality act differently. That still leaves about a third (the number varies a little depending on the kind of question asked) who actually admit they don’t agree that working is better than leeching off the productive members of society, with the help of government’s power to expropriate income by force.

[Liberty News Network] In National Gov't. Collapse Scenario, Wyoming Would Defend Itself ...: Politics: Conservative/Libertarian/Constitutionalist Background: Veteran U.S. Navy, Communications Specialist / Journalist: T.V. News Reporter, Announcer, Editor, Producer, Writer, Photographer / Newspaper Publisher, Editor, Reporter, Writer, Columnist / Artist: Painter (oil &

[The New Progressive] Contra Libertarianism III: Economic Issues | The New Progressive: For example, a “free market” without a minimum wage does not conform to a neoclassical model because of intense power asymmetries, especially during economic downturns. When workers are so weak, transactions begin to devolve from “free” into something more semi-coercive where refusing even a bad offer can have severe consequences.

[The Coffee House | Politics and News Discussion Forum] Raise the tax threshhold and let youth prevail | The Spectator: We advocate a lower minimum wage for people aged below 25 years, a further easing of regulations over firing people, and a requirement that all UK schoolchildren have to study at least two foreign languages to at least age 16 years (ie GCSE standard). The UK aims to be a major centre of global service industries, and such industries probably prefer people who can communicate easily to a range of global contacts.’

[Aware and Prepare] 33 Ways To Get Atlas To Shrug: You are here: Home / Finance/Economics / 33 Ways To Get Atlas To Shrug ... and succeed grew tired of the growing regulations, laws and taxes by the government and decide to go on strike…they exit themselves from society to their secret hideaway known as Galts Gulch, much like the libertarian islands proposed by Peter Thiel. ... (The “labor burden” for an employee with a nominal salary of $17 per hour ($35360 gross, annually) is an additional $20029 per year.) ...

[The Latest from] From Marxist to Libertarian - Cover - The Thoughts of a Northwest ...: One thing I appreciate about Thomas Sowell is that, although he has a great deal of formal education, he manages not to parade that in his writing and conversation. In a world where jargon and the latest catch phrases are an easy "proof"

[The American Spectator and The Spectacle Blog] The American Spectator : The Spectacle Blog : Santorum's Tax Plan: Furthermore, while I absolutely support tax policy whichis applied equally across all levels of income, the biggestbeneficiaries of Santorum's policy suggestion are those in thehighest income bracket, who can afford to raise their own childrenwithout taking money from a single person still trying to build upa nest egg to eventually afford having children of her own.

[Libertarian View] Libertarianism & George Monbiot | Libertarian View: “In conclusion, we have found that in numerous cases the libertarian doctrines of social atomism, unfettered free markets, and unconfined personal liberty, bear morally atrocious and practically unmanageable implications.  In contrast, these implications are avoided by the liberal assumptions: (a) that human beings are essentially social creatures, (b) that morality and justice are independent of, and indeed the foundations of, ideal market mechanisms, (c) that in readily identifiable instances, advantages to each result in ruin for all, (d) that, conversely, advantages to all exact sacrifices (e.g.  taxes) upon each, and finally (e) that, accordingly, optimal social policies are assessed from “the moral point of view” - from the perspective of the “ideal disinterested spectator.” (John Rawls’s “Original Position”).  Accordingly, the liberal concludes, human excellence, social harmony and, yes, personal liberty for all, can best be accomplished through the agency of a government answerable to the people, and through the rule of law, applied impartially and equally to all.

[The Libertarian Alliance: BLOG] One Night, We Can Hope, the Whole World will Shine Like This ...: The Libertarian Alliance: BLOG. The UK's radical free ... AND…. ? A Minimum Wage or a Free Economy? ... Click here to visit the Libertarian Alliance main website. For Life ... will on Do-It-Yourself Regulation · David Davis on ...

[Centurean2's Weblog] Gerald Celente on Trend Forecasting and the Crisis of Western ...: On the geopolitical and economic fronts, Celente and The Trends Research Institute are credited with predicting the collapse of the Soviet Union, the last two economic recessions, the dot-com meltdown, the 1997 Asian currency crisis, the 1987 world stock market crash, increased terrorism against America, “Crusades 2000,” the quagmire in Iraq ”¦ before war began and much more.

[Guernica / Blog] Guernica / Anthony Kammer: America's Libertarian Pendulum: With the opposite poles of individual rights and federal power so often framing political debate, liberty-based arguments become almost an irresistible way to formulate one’s position, both for the left and the right. With the poles so clearly defined, it’s almost to be expected that a strong anti-state formulation would emerge periodically to counter large shifts in policy, just as you could expect individuals to frame their existing way of life as a vested private freedom.

[Reason Magazine Full Feed] Minnesota Lawmakers: Kill Regulations, Create Jobs - Hit & Run ...: In fact, there are more licensed Americans than Americans who are union members (12 percent) or earn the minimum wage (2.5 percent). Defenders of licensing laws argue that these laws are essential to defend consumers'

[The League of Ordinary Gentlemen] Can Free Markets and Unions Thrive Together? — The League of ...:  Part of it I think is simply historical animus (unions and libertarians tend to be on the opposite sides of a lot of political debates), but in principle unions are no different to corporations – they are groups of individuals working toward a common purpose and that’s fine, though we need to be suspicious when they start getting political (as we should be with corporations), and I think unions tend to be more overtly political than corporations (at least that’s true down here).

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